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Hi, I'm the Concession Guy and I'm here to guide you through the process of making the most of your concession stand. I've been working with Albert Guarnieri & Company for some time now developing some of the best concession programs in Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, and quite frankly, I believe we're getting pretty good at it. It's like I'm the brains and they're the brawn. I evaluate your needs and work with you in developing a program for your concession stand, and then Albert Guarnieri & Company makes it happen.

We make a great team but there is one member! So here's the deal, you give me some of your time and I will help make this year one of the easiest, most profitable, customer-satisfying seasons that your concession stand has seen.

Take some time to browse around and see more about what we do and when your finished, I'm the Concession Guy, you can contact me here...Let's do this!

The Concession Guy's Top 7 Staples for Concession Stands

Written by The Concession Guy

For a Concession Stand Operator, a successful season depends largely upon decisions made regarding challenges ranging from storage and equipment limitations, to time, labor, and financial constraints. Product and vendor selection can play a big part in addressing many of these concerns.

Our goal is to help you find the right balance of products for your concession stand that will maximize profitability and customer satisfaction while minimizing labor and storage requirements. With that in mind, here is a list of what I consider to be the top 7 staples for concession stands.

Slush Puppie

Written by The Concession Guy

Why settle for just any treat when you can satisfy all your senses with a Slush Puppie? Blooming with crisp, vivid color, each flavor bursts with bold, fruity aroma and takes your nose by surprise. Listen to that sweet crunch of the ice going from the machine to your cup, from your cup to your mouth. Slush Puppie is more than just a tasty treat. It’s an experience!

Slush Puppie® is the #1 non-carbonated frozen slush drink in the world and Albert Guarnieri & Company is proud to be an award winning licensed distributor for Slush Puppie® Brands.

The Concession Guy can help bring Slush Puppie to your concession stand. Contact us today!

Gehl's Nacho Cheese Dispensers

Written by The Concession Guy

When customers see the Gehl's name on dispensers at stadiums, theaters and snack counters, they know it means they'll be getting the hot, delicious cheese sauce they crave.  That's because Gehl's is the #1 name in concession and self-serve nachos in the country -- served where ever fun times are had!

Ask The Concession Guy how you can begin offering Gehl's products at your concession stand.

Farmland Hot Dogs

Written by The Concession Guy

Farmland Hickory Smoked Hot Dogs and Premium Franks are an American favorite. Try their Black Angus Beef Franks featuring USDA Choice Black Angus trimmings, no poultry added. All Farmland franks and hot dogs are smoked using natural hickory smoke to bring out that classic taste.

Farmland hot dogs are great for generating repeat sales at concession stands and are available at Albert Guarnieri & Company.

Contact The Concession Guy to add Farmland Hot Dogs to your concession stand's menu today!

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili

Written by The Concession Guy

We are proud to introduce Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili to our concession customers.

Custard Stand Food Products began as a dairy bar in Webster Springs, West Virginia. The chili recipe came from "Great Aunt Lucille",  who operated the famous Elsie's Dairy Bar, nicknamed “The Custard Stand”, for years in downtown Webster Springs. Aunt Lucille says the recipe was handed down from her grandfather and has been served in the community for over 80 years.

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili is a tasty compliment to hot dogs, nachos, fries, or walking tacos. Keep your customers coming back for more with "West Virginia's Tastiest" hot dog chili. Try Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili in your concession stand today.

Funnel Cakes

Written by Howard Kyle

The Funnel Cake Factory® Funnel Cake is the perfect anytime snack. Tempt your taste buds with this original carnival treat. Create your own breakfast, lunch or snack time dish by adding fresh fruit, ice cream, syrup or powdered sugar.

The Funnel Cake Factory® Funnel Cake Fries, a new funnelicious item to add to any dessert menu.  Following the trend of bite-sized, portion-controlled foods, Funnel Cake Fries are an ideal finger food item.

Food Safety at Temporary Events

Written by Chris Sabol

Church suppers, street fairs, civic celebrations and other similar events call for food service outlets to be set up out-of-doors or in locations where keeping foods safe and sanitary becomes a real challenge. This guide to Food Safety at Temporary Events courtesy of will help you keep your temporary event free of the risk of food poisoning.

Basketball Concessions

Written by Howard Kyle

Let us be your sixth man!

As you have probably noticed at other concession stands, Albert Guarnieri & Company has a wide variety of programs especially designed for school athletic booths. We service hundreds of concession stands each year. Many of our equipment programs are available on a loaner basis to non-profit organizations and involve little or no cost to you. We have given particular attention to develop programs that are simple to operate and easy to serve.

High profits assist you in supporting your program.  Extra income = extra equipment and supplies for your team. Free delivery saves you time and money. Volunteers will be happier, easier to get with our exciting, hassle free programs. Popular items mean easy and increased sales for you. We have programs for Cappuccino, Pizza, Nachos, Slush and more.

Point of sale material increases your volume. Albert Guarnieri & Co. can be your go to guys. We carry virtually everything you need for your stand.We have an experienced team of specialists on our staff who will work with you from tip off to the final buzzer to make your job easier and to assure you a successful and profitable season. Don't foul out or wait for the clock to expire. Contact the Concession Guy today for a free consultation and we will keep the ball bouncing in the right direction!